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Assessing dentists' knowledge and experience in restoring endodontically treated teeth using post & cores.

J Dent 2021 Sep 21;114:103815. Epub 2021 Sep 21.

UCL Eastman Dental Institute, Rockefeller Building, 20 University Street, London WC1E 6DE, United Kingdom. Electronic address:

Objectives: The restoration of endodontically, heavily filled teeth has been a challenge for the dental profession for decades. The aims of this study were to investigate dentists' experience and knowledge in the use of post & core when restoring endodontically treated teeth.

Method: This was a mixed method study incorporating quantitative and qualitative data collection. An online questionnaire was developed and distributed, comprised of 18 questions. It was calculated that 93 respondents were needed to validate the study of which 60% should meet a minimum knowledge requirement.

Results: 173 respondents completed the questionnaire. 109 (63% (95%CI56%,70%) demonstrated proficient knowledge of post & core restorations. Recent graduates were more likely to follow current guidelines (F = 4.570: P<0.034). As the age of respondent dentists increases the number of posts placed (F = 18.85; p<0.001) and the perceived confidence level increases (Spearman's Rho 0.43: P<0.01). Experience of postgraduate education also positively influenced clinical confidence.

Conclusion: The placement of post & cores is influenced by age. Confidence is also influenced by age. More evidence on post usage is required and several questions remain to be answered on what drives decision making and perceived long-term success.

Clinical Significance: There is a general acceptance of when a post and core restoration should be used. Clinician experience and age can have an impact on what type of restorations are used. Fibre posts are more commonly used due their accessibility and cost.
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