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Multi-Point Flexible Temperature Sensor Array and Thermoelectric Generator Made from Copper-Coated Textiles.

Sensors (Basel) 2021 May 28;21(11). Epub 2021 May 28.

Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics, University of Innsbruck, Hoechsterstrasse 73, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria.

The integration of electrical functionality into flexible textile structures requires the development of new concepts for flexible conductive material. Conductive and flexible thin films can be generated on non-conductive textile materials by electroless metal deposition. By electroless copper deposition on lyocell-type cellulose fabrics, thin conductive layers with a thickness of approximately 260 nm were prepared. The total copper content of a textile fabric was analyzed to be 147 mg per g of fabric, so that the textile character of the material remains unchanged, which includes, for example, the flexibility and bendability. The flexible material could be used to manufacture a thermoelectric sensor array and generator. This approach enables the formation of a sensor textile with a large number of individual sensors and, at the same time, a reduction in the number of electrical connections, since the conductive textile serves as a common conductive line for all sensors. In combination with aluminum, thermoelectric coefficients of 3-4 µV/K were obtained, which are comparable with copper/aluminum foil and bulk material. Thermoelectric generators, consisting of six junctions using the same material combinations, led to electric output voltages of 0.4 mV for both setups at a temperature difference of 71 K. The results demonstrate the potential of electroless deposition for the production of thin-film-coated flexible textiles, and represent a key technology to achieve the direct integration of electrical sensors and conductors in non-conductive material.
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