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A yeast-based complementation assay elucidates the functional impact of 200 missense variants in human PSAT1.

J Inherit Metab Dis 2020 07 27;43(4):758-769. Epub 2020 Feb 27.

Pacific Northwest Research Institute, Seattle, Washington.

Defects in serine biosynthesis resulting from loss of function mutations in PHGDH, PSAT1, and PSPH cause a set of rare, autosomal recessive diseases known as Neu-Laxova syndrome (NLS) or serine-deficiency disorders. The diseases present with a broad range of phenotypes including lethality, severe neurological manifestations, seizures, and intellectual disability. However, because L-serine supplementation, especially if started prenatally, can ameliorate and in some cases even prevent symptoms, knowledge of pathogenic variants is medically actionable. Here, we describe a functional assay that leverages the evolutionary conservation of an enzyme in the serine biosynthesis pathway, phosphoserine aminotransferase, and the ability of the human protein-coding sequence (PSAT1) to functionally replace its yeast ortholog (SER1). Results from our quantitative, yeast-based assay agree well with clinical annotations and expectations based on the disease literature. Using this assay, we have measured the functional impact of the 199 PSAT1 variants currently listed in ClinVar, gnomAD, and the literature. We anticipate that the assay could be used to comprehensively assess the functional impact of all SNP-accessible amino acid substitution mutations in PSAT1, a resource that could aid variant interpretation and identify potential NLS carriers.
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