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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Great Imitator.

Spartan Med Res J 2017 Aug 24;2(1):6343. Epub 2017 Aug 24.

Beaumont Hospital Southshore Campus, Trenton, MI. Michigan State University Department of Neurology & Ophthalmology, East Lansing MI.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is one of the leading causes of poison deaths in the United States. Signs and symptoms are clinically variable secondary to inconsistent targeting of highly metabolic tissues by the gas. We report a case of a man in his early to mid-30's presenting to the emergency department with mental status changes, fatigue, headache, and flu-like symptoms for three days. The patient had been working on his motor vehicles in the garage during this time, using a portable diesel powered space heater to keep warm. Subsequent neurology and cardiology workup demonstrated bilateral globus pallidus (GP) lesions on brain imaging, increased non-myocardial infarction troponin levels, carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) level of 3.8%, elevated liver enzymes, and acute kidney failure. In this setting of his delayed presentation as a smoker with carbon monoxide poisoning, carboxyhemoglobin levels alone become less reliable. This report investigates the use of bilateral GP lesions, the most frequently affected structure, as well as damage preference to highly metabolic tissues to assist in diagnosis and prognosis for CO poisoning. Our observations can be used for further study of the relationship between bilateral GP necrosis and initial presentation and outcome of patients experiencing CO poisoning leading to earlier recognition, treatment, and decreased morbidity/mortality.
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August 2017