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Kikuchi Disease-Like Inflammatory Pattern in Cutaneous Inflammatory Infiltrates Without Lymph Node Involvement: A New Clue for the Diagnosis of Lupus?
Medicine (Baltimore) 2015 Nov;94(46):e2065
From the Department of Internal Medicine (L-HT, BG, NL); Department of Dermatology (SI-H-O, PW, OC); Department of Pathology (NO), AP-HP, CHU Henri-Mondor, UPEC University; EA EpiDermE (Epidemiology in Dermatology and Evaluation of Therapeutics), INSERM, CIC 1430 (SI-H-O, PW, OC); INSERM U955 team 9, Créteil (NO); C. Cap Orléans Laboratory, Orléans (LR, JK); and Department of Dermatology, CHG de Dreux, Dreux, France (VP).