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Lower versus Traditional Treatment Threshold for Neonatal Hypoglycemia.

N Engl J Med 2020 02;382(6):534-544

From OLVG, Department of Pediatrics (A.A.M.W.K., N.R.V.), and Academic Medical Center, Emma Children's Hospital, Department of Neonatology (D.H.G.M.N., J.H.K.), the University of Amsterdam, Pediatric Clinical Research Office (J.H.L.) and the VU Medical Center, Vrije Universiteit, Department of Neonatology (R.C.J.J.), Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam, Meander Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics, Amersfoort (P.F.E.), St. Antonius Hospital, Departments of Research and Epidemiology (L.M.D.) and Pediatrics (M.D.-B), Nieuwegein, Zaans Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics, Zaandam (F.J.P.C.M.H.), Zuyderland Medical Center Heerlen, Department of Pediatrics, Sittard-Geleen (R.M.J.M.), Maastricht University Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics-Neonatology, Schools of Oncology and Developmental Biology (GROW) and NUTRIM, Maastricht (L.J.I.Z.), Erasmus MC-Sophia, Department of Neonatology (E.P.V.), Maasstad Hospital, Department of Pediatrics (H.G.S.), and St. Franciscus Gasthuis, Department of Pediatrics (M.W.A.H.), Rotterdam, Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Nijmegen (B.A.S.), Amphia Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Breda (R.H.T.B.), Rijnstate Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Arnhem (J.J.V.), the University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen, Beatrix Children's Hospital, Department of Neonatology, Groningen (P.H.D.), University Medical Center Utrecht, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Department of Neonatology, Utrecht (J.U.M.T.), Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Dordrecht (A.C.M.), and the National Health Care Institute (ZINL), Diemen (N.B.) - all in the Netherlands; and the Hospital for Sick Children, Division of Neonatology/Child Health Evaluative Sciences, University of Toronto, Toronto (M.O.).

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February 2020

Neonatal cardiac hypertrophy: the role of hyperinsulinism-a review of literature.

Eur J Pediatr 2020 Jan 16;179(1):39-50. Epub 2019 Dec 16.

Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, University Medical Center Utrecht, PO Box 85090, 3508, AB, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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January 2020

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in Donohue syndrome.

Cardiol Young 2016 Apr 11;26(4):815-8. Epub 2015 Nov 11.

3Department of Paediatric Endocrinology,Wilhelmina Children's Hospital,University Medical Centre,Utrecht,The Netherlands.

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April 2016

Antenatal Maternal Antidepressants Drugs Affect S100B Concentrations in Fetal-Maternal Biological Fluids.

CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets 2015 ;14(1):49-54

Department of Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Medicine, C. Arrigo Children's Hospital, Spalto Marengo 46, 15100 Alessandria, Italy.

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January 2016

Nationwide inventory of risk factors for retinopathy of prematurity in the Netherlands.

J Pediatr 2014 Mar 19;164(3):494-498.e1. Epub 2013 Dec 19.

Department of Ophthalmology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands.

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March 2014