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Dental fear, communication, and behavioural management problems in children referred for dental problems.

Int J Paediatr Dent 2007 Nov;17(6):469-77

Department of Cariology, Endodontology, and Pedodontology, Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Background: Knowledge about the influence of the interaction between child, parent, and dentist and the referral pattern is very limited.

Aim: This study intended to assess to what extent the pathways of Rachman could clarify why a child is being referred to a specialist in paediatric dentistry and if other aspects in the interaction between child, parent, and dentist play a role in the referral.

Design: The referral letters of 500 children referred to a Special Dental Care Centre in Amsterdam were examined. All parents filled out the Children's Fear Survey Schedule-Dental Subscale, on behalf of the child. Information about interaction and the referral was collected from the referral letter and a semistructured interview with the parent and dentist separately.

Results: Eighty pairs of parents and dentists of referred children participated in a semistructured interview. Child factors seem to contribute the most to the referral. For the cause of referral the pathways of Rachman and communication were often combined.

Conclusions: Apart from fear acquisition, as implied in Rachman's pathways, the interaction between child, dentist, and parent also contributes to the referral of a child to a specialist clinic in paediatric dentistry.
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November 2007

Stressful situations for toddlers: indications for dental anxiety?

ASDC J Dent Child 2002 Sep-Dec;69(3):306-9, 235

Pedodontology Section, Cariology Department, Academish Centre Tandheelkunde Amsterdam (ACTA), Amsterdam.

Unlabelled: The present study was undertaken to examine if daily anxiety-provoking situations can predict dental anxiety in a toddler. Parents of 73 toddlers were sent 2 questionnaires: 1) the Dental Subscale of the Children's Fear Survey Schedule (CFSS-DS), and 2) the Inventory of Stressful Situations (ISS), a list of 16 questions developed to assess anxiety in daily stressful situations. This investigation was repeated one year later. Forty-eight parents completed all questionnaires. Results show a clear correlation between daily stressful situations at the age of 3 and dental anxiety at the age of 3 (r = .62, p < 0.01, two-tailed) and at the age of 4 (r = .49, p < 0.01, two-tailed). Regression analyses revealed that the ISS at the age of 3 predicted dental anxiety at the age of four; however, it did not contribute additionally if the CFSS-DS score at the age of three was included.

Conclusion: Daily anxiety-provoking situations in 3-year-old children may be related to dental anxiety at the age of 4.
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May 2003