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[Perceptions of dependent elderly cared for by immigrant workers concerning the help they need and receive].

Rev Enferm 2013 Nov;36(11):54-8, 61-3

Fundació Josep Laporte--Universidad de los Pacientes, Barcelona.

Introduction: Social-demographic changes such as the increasing number of dependent elderly people, the incorporation of women into the workforce, and declining family size have led to the emergence of a new occupation, that of home care for elderly dependents. This work is usually carried out by women immigrants. Little is known about how this care is perceived by the elderly.

Objective: To evaluate the daily lives of elderly people cared for by hired immigrants to identify aspects of their health and the care they receive.

Methodology: A qualitative study conducted through twelve theoretical sampling interviews that were recorded, transcribed and analyzed with computer support of Atlas Ti V5.

Results: The elderly do not anticipate or prepare for the problems of old age. Their main concerns regarding health are illness, pain and death. All wish to remain as autonomous as possible. The need to arrange home care services is often first perceived by the family. Home-help workers assist in basic and instrumental daily activities and provide care and company. Cultural conflicts in the practice of care are rare. Despite general satisfaction with help received, the elderly consider that the workers lack specific training in caring for the elderly.

Conclusions: The elderly are aware of the current difficulties of families to care for them and they are adapting to the new reality of home care. They value the worker who helps them because besides helping with housework, they provide company, entertainment and affection. Primary care nurses can play a key role in training immigrant workers in caring for the elderly.
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November 2013