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Interrelations between Adsorption Energies and Local Isotherms, Local Monolayer Capacities, and Energy Distribution Functions, as Determined for Heterogeneous Surfaces by Inverse Gas Chromatography.

J Colloid Interface Sci 2001 Jul;239(1):10-19

Physical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Patras, Patras, 26504, Greece

Physicochemical parameters for adsorption of gases at the submonolayer regions of heterogeneous solid surfaces are measured experimentally as a function of time, and then interrelated as local isotherms θ against adsorption energy varepsilon, fractional changes of adsorption sites f(varepsilon)/c*(max) against varepsilon, θ against f(varepsilon)/c*(max), and distribution functions θ f(varepsilon)/c*(max) over adsorption energy values varepsilon, without using at all the well-known integral equation Theta(p, T)=integral(infinity)(0)θ(p, T, varepsilon)f(varepsilon)dvarepsilon and assumptions concerning the pair f(varepsilon) and θ(p, T, varepsilon). The method uses only chromatographic experimental data obtained by the inverse gas chromatography technique known as reversed-flow gas chromatography. It has been applied to the adsorption of cis-2-butene and trans-2-butene onto particles of Penteli marble at temperatures of 302, 314, 323, and 333 K. The results obtained are comparable with those calculated on the basis of the well-known integral equation. Copyright 2001 Academic Press.
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