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Maize Plants Chimeric for an Autoactive Resistance Gene Display a Cell Autonomous Hypersensitive Response but Non-Cell Autonomous Defense Signaling.

Mol Plant Microbe Interact 2021 Jan 28. Epub 2021 Jan 28.

USDA-ARS, Plant Science Research Unit, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

The maize gene Rp1-D21 is a mutant form of the gene Rp1-D that confers resistance to common rust. Rp1-D21 triggers a spontaneous defense response that occurs in the absence of the pathogen and includes a programed cell death called the hypersensitive response (HR). Eleven plants heterozygous for Rp1-D21, in four different genetic backgrounds, were identified that had chimeric leaves with lesioned sectors showing HR abutting green non-lesioned sectors lacking HR. The Rp1-D21 sequence derived from each of the lesioned portions of leaves was unaltered from the expected sequence whereas the Rp1-D21 sequences from nine of the non-lesioned sectors displayed various mutations and we were unable to amplify Rp1-D21 from the other two non-lesioned sectors. In every case, the borders between the sectors were sharp with no transition zone, suggesting that HR and chlorosis associated with Rp1-D21 activity was cell-autonomous. Expression of defense response marker genes was assessed in the lesioned and non-lesioned sectors as well as in near-isogenic plants lacking and carrying Rp1-D21. Defense gene expression was somewhat elevated in non-lesioned sectors abutting sectors carrying Rp1-D21 compared to near-isogenic plants lacking Rp1-D21. This suggests that while the HR itself was cell autonomous, other aspects of the defense response initiated by Rp1-D21 were not.
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