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Homemade laparoscopic simulators for surgical trainees.

Clin Teach 2011 Jun;8(2):118-21

Department of Surgery, Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, UK.

Background: Laparoscopic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent times. Laparoscopic skills and dexterity can be improved by using simulators. We provide a step-by-step guide with diagrams to build an individual homemade laparoscopic trainer box, which is easily available and affordable.

Methods: We collected the required material for our homemade trainer box from a local DIY shop and purchased a high-definition (HD) webcam online. We used a 12-litre plastic storage box and mounted the webcam inside the lid of the plastic box. The ultraslim energy-saving fluorescent light was mounted behind the webcam. Holes were made in the plastic lid and patched with circular pieces of Neoprene to accommodate the insertion of laparoscopic instruments.

Results: The trainer box can be built in 3 hours. The trainer box weighs 1.2 kg with a light source, and is easily portable. It was demonstrated to a cohort of surgical trainees and they were very receptive, and liked the idea of an easy to assemble, low-cost trainer box with high-quality images.

Discussion: Our homemade trainer box offers HD vision that can be viewed on a personal computer, and the webcam is adjustable so it gives hands-free stability. It is built with a lightweight plastic box so it can be easily carried around by a trainee. This simple, inexpensive, easy-to-build trainer box makes a perfect solution for individuals who want to practise basic laparoscopic skills at home or in the workplace.
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