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Lab-on-chip systems for integrated bioanalyses.

Essays Biochem 2016 06;60(1):121-31

Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas E Computadores-Microsistemas e Nanotecnologias (INESC MN) and IN-Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Rua Alves Redol, 9, 1000-029 Lisbon, Portugal.

Biomolecular detection systems based on microfluidics are often called lab-on-chip systems. To fully benefit from the miniaturization resulting from microfluidics, one aims to develop 'from sample-to-answer' analytical systems, in which the input is a raw or minimally processed biological, food/feed or environmental sample and the output is a quantitative or qualitative assessment of one or more analytes of interest. In general, such systems will require the integration of several steps or operations to perform their function. This review will discuss these stages of operation, including fluidic handling, which assures that the desired fluid arrives at a specific location at the right time and under the appropriate flow conditions; molecular recognition, which allows the capture of specific analytes at precise locations on the chip; transduction of the molecular recognition event into a measurable signal; sample preparation upstream from analyte capture; and signal amplification procedures to increase sensitivity. Seamless integration of the different stages is required to achieve a point-of-care/point-of-use lab-on-chip device that allows analyte detection at the relevant sensitivity ranges, with a competitive analysis time and cost.
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June 2016