Prof. Gabriel Finkelstein, Ph.D. - University of Colorado Denver - Associate Professor of History

Prof. Gabriel Finkelstein


University of Colorado Denver

Associate Professor of History

Denver, Colorado | United States

Additional Specialties: history of neuroscience

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Prof. Gabriel Finkelstein, Ph.D. - University of Colorado Denver - Associate Professor of History

Prof. Gabriel Finkelstein


My biography of Emil du Bois-Reymond, the most important forgotten intellectual of the nineteenth century, received an Honorable Mention for History of Science, Medicine, and Technology at the 2013 PROSE Awards, was shortlisted for the 2014 John Pickstone Prize (Britain's most prestigious award for the best scholarly book in the history of science), and was named by the American Association for the Advancement of Science as one of the Best Books of 2014.

Currently I am working on a study of the challenges that “scientific historians” presented to discipline of history during the 1860s and 1870s.

Primary Affiliation: University of Colorado Denver - Denver, Colorado , United States

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Nov 1996
Princeton University
Ph.D. / History
Jun 1989
Princeton University
M.A. / History
Jun 1985
Amherst College
B.A. / Physics
Jan 1977 - Jan 1981
Hotchkiss School
Jan 1979 - Jan 1980
School Year Abroad
Jan 1973 - Jan 1977
Indian Mountain School
Jun 2006
Associate Professor
Jul 1999
Assistant Professor
Aug 1997 - Aug 1998
Visiting Assistant Professor
Center for the Cultural Studies of Science, Technology, and Medicine
Jul 1998
Jan 1997 - Jan 1997
Postdoctoral Fellow
Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Jan 1996
Adjunct Professor
History and Sociology of Science




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Department of History, University of Colorado Denver Denver, CO, USA.

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October 2015
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Emil du Bois-Reymond on "The Seat of the Soul".

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a Department of History , University of Colorado Denver , Denver , CO.

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Emil du Bois-Reymond vs Ludimar Hermann.

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M. du Bois-Reymond goes to Paris.

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department of history, University of Colorado, Denver, USA.

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September 2003
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“Conquerors of the Künlün"? The Schlagintweit Mission to High Asia, 1854-57

History of Science 2000 Jun 38 (2; 120): 179-218.

History of Science

In 1854 the British East India Company, acting in co-operation with the Prussian Crown, commissioned Hermann, Adolph and Robert Schlagintweit to undertake an expedition to India and High Asia. Despite the mission’s outstanding achievements, all the brothers ended forgotten and miserable. This essay discusses how three sons of a Munich eye surgeon attracted and lost so much attention and what their successes and failures tell us about scientific exploration in the nineteenth century.

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June 2000
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