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[Effects of intrinsic denervation of the jejunum after extensive enterectomy in the rat bowel syndrome].

Acta Cir Bras 2006 Jan-Feb;21(1):43-6. Epub 2006 Feb 13.

Departamento de Patologia, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão, USP.

Purpose: To investigate the effects of intrinsic denervation of the jejunum after the extensive intestinal resection in rats.

Methods: Thirty male Wistar rats were distributed into three groups, depending on the experimental procedure: Group C (control), Group R (resection) and Group D (resection plus denervation). The body weight gain and a histomorphometric study of the jejunal mucosa were performed.

Results: The mean body weight of the group D animals showed a higher increase when compared to group R (D=312.2+/-21 g and R=196.7+/-36.2g). The number of jejunum myenteric neurons was smaller in group D (344.8+/-34.8 neurons/mm) when compared to other groups (R=909.0+/-55.5 and C=898.5+/-73.3). A hyperplasia of the jejunum mucosal epithelium was observed in the group D but also in the group R (R=7.3+/-3.9 mm2 and D=10.8+/-4.3 mm2), when compared to group C (C=5.8+/-3.0 mm2). The epithelial cell proliferation of the jejunum was higher in group D animals (48.7%) when compared to the other groups (R=31.9% and C=23.6%).

Conclusions: The denervated animals presented an increase the body weight gain and mucosal cell proliferation responses when compared to the control group. This experimental model may provide new strategies for the surgical treatment of the short bowel syndrome.
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