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Environmental and behavioral determinants affecting the association of airway macrophages carbon load with distance to major roads and traffic density.

Chemosphere 2019 Feb 8;217:680-685. Epub 2018 Nov 8.

Department of Occupational Health, School of Public Health, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran.

Biomarkers are promising indicators to evaluate human exposure to air pollutants and to predict the health outcomes. Area of Airway macrophages that is occupied by Black Carbon could be used as a biomarker of personal long term exposure to traffic related air pollution. Association of airway macrophages carbon load with weighted average distance and environmental and subject-specific behavior are considered in this study. Sputum samples were taken from 160 healthy adult women and airway macrophages carbon load (AMCL) were determined in 93 subjects, which represent a success rate of 62% in sputum induction. Nearest distance of the subjects to major roads and average weighted distance were calculated for each subject. A questionnaire was field according to general and behavioral characteristics of the participants. There was not any significant difference (P-value >0.05) between induced and non-induced subjects. Subjects with indoor kitchen without separation wall, passive smokers and those with longer presence time in high traffic streets showed higher carbon area. Weighted average distance had a better association (β = -0.186, 95%CI: -0.139, -0.230, P-value = 0.00) with AMCL than nearest distance to major roads (β = -0.155, 95%CI: -0.109, -0.201, P-value = 0.19). Association of Weighted average distance with AMCL was interrupted in subjects with a garage connected to house environment, those with IK kitchen, those with a hood above the stove and passive smokers. The findings indicated that more generation and distribution of indoor air pollutants can completely enhance the internal exposure and indoor pollution has the same importance as outdoor pollution.
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