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Can reminders improve adherence to regular physical activity and exercise recommendations in people over 60 years old? : A randomized controlled study.

Wien Klin Wochenschr 2021 Jun 26;133(11-12):620-624. Epub 2020 Jun 26.

Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090, Vienna, Austria.

Purpose: The purpose of the study was to investigate whether additional reminders could enhance adherence to a 12-week program consisting of regular physical activity.

Methods: The study collective consisted of pensioners insured with the Austrian Insurance Fund for Civil or Public Servants. They were made aware of our program through the public service union. The subjects were randomized to an intervention group (group A) that received reminders and to a control group (group B) that did not receive such notifications. Adherence to physical activity was assessed by the use of diaries.

Results: Group A performed 96 min more moderate intensity regular physical activity per week than group B (group A median 269 min, r = 0-1560 min; group B median 173 min, r = 0-2700 min). The Mann-Whitney U-test showed no significant differences (p = 0.080) between the study groups. There was no difference in muscle strengthening activity (group A: median: 2, r = 0-13 sessions; group B: median: 2, r = 0-20 sessions).

Conclusion: The major positive observation was that both the experimental and control group participants exceeded the recommended level of physical activity. Nevertheless, there were some differences concerning the minutes of physical activity performed in favor of the intervention group.
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