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Randomized clinical trial comparing PEG-based synthetic to porcine-derived collagen membrane in the preservation of alveolar bone following tooth extraction in anterior maxilla.

Clin Oral Implants Res 2020 Oct 18;31(10):1010-1024. Epub 2020 Sep 18.

University of Bristol, School of Oral and Dental Sciences, Bristol, UK.

Objectives: The objective of this randomized controlled trial was to compare alveolar ridge preservation using a bone substitute material and covered with a synthetic or porcine collagen membrane.

Materials And Methods: Thirty-two sockets in the aesthetic maxillary region of 30 patients were randomized into two groups. Randomization was stratified according to bone wall defect. Flapless technique was used, and sockets were grafted with bi-phasic calcium phosphate particulate bone substitute and covered by synthetic polyethylene glycol (PEG; test group) or porcine-derived collagen membrane (CM; control group). No primary closure was attempted. A cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan was performed immediately after the surgical procedure and repeated 22 weeks later. OnDemand3D was used to superimpose scan images and assess changes. The mean vertical and horizontal percentage bone loss were calculated and implants placed after 6 months with or without additional augmentation.

Results: There were no baseline differences between groups or dropouts. The mean percentage loss at the labial plate and at the coronal part of the sockets was statistically significantly lower in the test group compared with controls (-2.86% [SD = 13.48] versus 7.42% [SD = 11.95]; 13.45% [SD = 11.97] versus 28.59% [SD = 16.97]). Implants were placed after 6 months, and there was no difference in need for further augmentation between PEG (n = 5) or CM (n = 4).

Conclusion: Sites treated with PEG membrane showed less percentage loss in horizontal and vertical measurements in this trial.
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October 2020

The role of dental implants in the management of dento-alveolar trauma. Part 2.

Dent Update 2015 Jan-Feb;42(1):68-70, 72-4, 76-7

Patients who suffer dento-alveolar trauma present a unique challenge for the dentist. There are numerous options to consider when attempting to restore the dentition. This article reviews the role of dental implants and how thorough planning and execution of such treatment could result in an optimal outcome. Clinical Relevance: Knowledge of the role of dental implants and factors imperative for a successful treatment outcome will assist the clinician in achieving optimal restorative results.
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July 2015