Dr Elisaveta Sokolov, MBBS, MSc, BSc, MRCP - Kings College Hospital, London - Dr

Dr Elisaveta Sokolov


Kings College Hospital, London


London, UK | United Kingdom

Main Specialties: Clinical Neurophysiology

Additional Specialties: Neurophysiology, Neurology

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Dr Elisaveta Sokolov, MBBS, MSc, BSc, MRCP - Kings College Hospital, London - Dr

Dr Elisaveta Sokolov



Dr Elisaveta Sokolov is a specialist doctor of Clinical Neurophysiology at Kings College Hospital, London with a masters distinction from Columbia University, New York City and MBBS from Imperial College London.

She is a member of the Royal college of Physicians, British Society of Clinical Neurophysiology and the British Peripheral Nerve Society.

Dr Sokolov has published multiple neuroscience papers including eight book chapters, reviews, first author peer reviewed papers and co-authored articles on Parkinson’s disease, Non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, Choreacanthocytosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Psychometric Design fluency Tests and sleep disturbances. Most recently her collaborative work on the Oxford textbook of Sleep disorders has won the major prize at the 2018 British Medical Association Medical Book awards.

She has been awarded several competitive grants, including for her collaborative work on non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease in an oral televised “hot topics” debate at the world Parkinson’s congress and has presented at the world neurology congress. She was awarded the academic prize from Guys and St Thomas NHS trust in 2014 and has received further academic prizes including the DUO award from the National Government of Singapore.

She is former reviewer of the Basal ganglia journal and is current reviewer for the Journal of Applied Neuropsychology.

She is a member of the Medical Education Committee at Kings College London and has a pivotal role in medical education within the department of Clinical Neurophysiology. She has establish and previously led a National teaching course in Neurology for PACES level doctors (CT1/2) and is a DAPS mentor, educating the doctor in safety and communication.

Areas of current practice include Clinical Neurophysiology specifically Electroencephalography, Video- EEG telemetry, Electromyography (including single fibre Electromyography, myopathies, neuromuscular junction disorders, peripheral nerve pathologies) and epilepsy.

Primary Affiliation: Kings College Hospital, London - London, UK , United Kingdom


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Aug 2016
Royal College of Physicians
Aug 2012
Imperial college London
Aug 2008
Columbia University NYC
MSc distinction
Aug 2006
Kings College London


Aug 2020
Specialty Registrar training, Clinical Neurophysiology, Kings College Hospital
Specialty registrar in Clinical Neurophysiology
Aug 2016
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Hammersmith Hospital, Royal Marsden Hospital London
Core medical training
Neurology, Neuro-intensive care, Epilepsy and video-EEG telemetry, General medicine, Renal medicine, Cardiology Senior house officer
Aug 2014
Foundation training St Thomas Hospital London
Junior doctor




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