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LINE-1 retrotransposon methylation in chorionic villi of first trimester miscarriages with aneuploidy.

J Assist Reprod Genet 2021 Jan 10;38(1):139-149. Epub 2020 Nov 10.

Research Institute of Medical Genetics, Tomsk National Research Medical Center, Nab. R. Ushaiki, 10, Tomsk, Russia.

Purpose: High frequency of aneuploidy in meiosis and cleavage stage coincides with waves of epigenetic genome reprogramming that may indicate a possible association between epigenetic mechanisms and aneuploidy occurrence. This study aimed to assess the methylation level of the long interspersed repeat element 1 (LINE-1) retrotransposon in chorionic villi of first trimester miscarriages with a normal karyotype and aneuploidy.

Methods: The methylation level was assessed at 19 LINE-1 promoter CpG sites in chorionic villi of 141 miscarriages with trisomy of chromosomes 2, 6, 8-10, 13-15, 16, 18, 20-22, and monosomy X using massive parallel sequencing.

Results: The LINE-1 methylation level was elevated statistically significant in chorionic villi of miscarriages with both trisomy (45.2 ± 4.3%) and monosomy X (46.9 ± 4.2%) compared with that in induced abortions (40.0 ± 2.4%) (p < 0.00001). The LINE-1 methylation levels were specific for miscarriages with different aneuploidies and significantly increased in miscarriages with trisomies 8, 14, and 18 and monosomy X (p < 0.05). The LINE-1 methylation level increased with gestational age both for group of miscarriages regardless of karyotype (R = 0.21, p = 0.012) and specifically for miscarriages with trisomy 16 (R = 0.48, p = 0.007). LINE-1 methylation decreased with maternal age in miscarriages with a normal karyotype (R = - 0.31, p = 0.029) and with trisomy 21 (R = - 0.64, p = 0.024) and increased with paternal age for miscarriages with trisomy 16 (R = 0.38, p = 0.048) and monosomy X (R = 0.73, p = 0.003).

Conclusion: Our results indicate that the pathogenic effects of aneuploidy in human embryogenesis can be supplemented with significant epigenetic changes in the repetitive sequences.
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January 2021

Associations of polymorphisms in the cytokine genes IL1β (rs16944), IL6 (rs1800795), IL12b (rs3212227) and growth factor VEGFA (rs2010963) with anthracosilicosis in coal miners in Russia and related genotoxic effects.

Mutagenesis 2018 04;33(2):129-135

Department of Bionanotechnology, Kemerovo State University, Russian Federation.

Anthracosilicosis (AS), a prevalent form of pneumoconiosis among coal miners, results from the accumulation of carbon and silica in the lungs from inhaled coal dust. This study investigated genotoxic effects and certain cytokine genes polymorphic variants in Russian coal miners with АS. Peripheral leukocytes were sampled from 129 patients with AS confirmed by X-ray and tissue biopsy and from 164 asymptomatic coal miners. Four single-nucleotide polymorphisms were genotyped in the extracted DNA samples: IL1β T-511C (rs16944), IL6 C-174G (rs1800795), IL12b A1188C (rs3212227) and VEGFA C634G (rs2010963). Genotoxic effects were assessed by the analysis of chromosome aberrations in cultured peripheral lymphocytes. The mean frequency of chromatid-type aberrations and chromosome-type aberrations, namely, chromatid-type breaks and dicentric chromosomes, was found to be higher in AS patients [3.70 (95% confidence interval {CI}, 3.29-4.10) and 0.28 (95% CI, 0.17-0.38)] compared to the control group [2.41 (95% CI, 2.00-2.82) and 0.09 (95% CI, 0.03-0.15)], respectively. IL1β gene T/T genotype (rs16944) was associated with AS [17.83% in AS patients against 4.35% in healthy donors, odds ratio = 4.77 (1.88-12.15), P < 0.01]. A significant increase in the level of certain chromosome interchanges among AS donors is of interest because such effects are typical for radiation damage and caused by acute oxidative stress. IL1β T allele probably may be considered as an AS susceptibility factor among coal miners.
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April 2018