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[Fe(CN)5(isoniazid)](3-): an iron isoniazid complex with redox behavior implicated in tuberculosis therapy.

J Inorg Biochem 2014 Nov 12;140:236-44. Epub 2014 Aug 12.

Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, United Kingdom. Electronic address:

Tuberculosis has re-emerged as a worldwide threat, which has motivated the development of new drugs. The antituberculosis complex Na3[Fe(CN)5(isoniazid)] (IQG607) in particular is of interest on account of its ability to overcome resistance. IQG607 has the potential for redox-mediated-activation, in which an acylpyridine (isonicotinoyl) radical could be generated without assistance from the mycobacterial KatG enzyme. Here, we have investigated the reactivity of IQG607 toward hydrogen peroxide and superoxide, well-known intracellular oxidizing agents that could play a key role in the redox-mediated-activation of this compound. HPLC, NMR and electronic spectroscopy studies showed a very fast oxidation rate for bound isoniazid, over 460-fold faster than free isoniazid oxidation. A series of EPR spin traps were used for detection of isonicotinoyl and derived radicals bound to iron. This is the first report for an isonicotinoyl radical bound to a metal complex, supported by (14)N and (1)H hyperfine splittings for the POBN and PBN trapped radicals. POBN and PBN exhibited average hyperfine coupling constants of aN=15.6, aH=2.8 and aN=15.4, aH=4.7, respectively, which are in close agreement to the isonicotinoyl radical. Radical generation is thought to play a major role in the mechanism of action of isoniazid and this work provides strong evidence for its production within IQG607, which, along with biological and chemical oxidation data, support a redox-mediated activation mechanism. More generally the concept of redox activation of metallo prodrugs could be applied more widely for the design of therapeutic agents with novel mechanisms of action.
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