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[Potential cytostatic effect of the maleimide derivative 1-(4-Cl-benzyl)-3-Cl-4-(CF3-phenylamino)-1-H-pyrrol-2,5-dione].

Eksp Klin Farmakol 2013 ;76(8):39-42

The cytostatic/cytotoxic effects of the maleimide derivative 1-(4-Cl-Benzyl)-3-Cl-4-(CF3-phenylamino)-1H-pyrrol-2,5-dione (MI-1) have been estimated on epithelial derived human cell cultures (Colo 205, MCF-7, and Hela). The anticancer and toxic effects of MI-1 have been investigated on DMH-induced cancer development and normal colon morphology in rats. The results showed that the compound studied has low cytotoxicity but produces a strong antiproliferative effect on cell cultures and partially suppresses colon cancer development in DMH-induced model. The MI-1 effect on normal colon mucosa is insignificant, and no destructive changes have been detected in the intestine of rats. This maleimide derivate can be considered as a promising anticancer drug.
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December 2013