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Influence of birth origin and risk factor profile on hepatitis B mortality: Philadelphia, PA 2003-2013.

Ann Epidemiol 2018 03 22;28(3):169-174. Epub 2017 Dec 22.

Division of Disease Control, Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Philadelphia, PA.

Purpose: Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) affects specific subpopulations in the United States, including individuals born in HBV-endemic countries and persons engaging in high-risk behaviors.

Methods: The 2003-2013 HBV registry data and surveillance investigations for Philadelphia, PA were matched to death certificate data to examine demographic, risk factor, and cause of death characteristics among HBV-infected populations. Bivariate analysis compared investigated foreign-born (FB) and US-born chronic HBV individuals. Multivariable logistic regression assessed associations between HBV-status, birth origin, demographic information, and liver-related death.

Results: Of 773 investigated HBV-infected individuals, 159 were US-born and 614 were FB and of primarily non-Hispanic Asian descent. Behavioral risk factors were more often reported by US-born individuals. HBV-infected FB decedents were twice as likely as US-born decedents to have a liver-related cause of death, whereas HIV/AIDS and drug overdose were more likely causes of death among those born in the United States.

Conclusions: There are two HBV-infected populations in Philadelphia: 1) FB individuals most likely infected at birth or during early childhood and 2) US-born individuals with behaviors suggestive of risk-related HBV acquisition. These findings illustrate the need for both FB and US-born individuals with ongoing risk behaviors to receive routine HBV screening, vaccination if indicated, and medical care for outcomes of chronic HBV infection.
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