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Inclusivity and diversity: Integrating international perspectives on stem cell challenges and potential.

Stem Cell Reports 2021 Aug 29;16(8):1847-1852. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

InterAcademy Partnership, ICTP Campus, c/o TWAS, Trieste 34151, Italy.

Regenerative medicine has great potential. The pace of scientific advance is exciting and the medical opportunities for regeneration and repair may be transformative. However, concerns continue to grow, relating to problems caused both by unscrupulous private clinics offering unregulated therapies based on little or no evidence and by premature regulatory approval on the basis of insufficient scientific rationale and clinical evidence. An initiative by the InterAcademy Partnership convened experts worldwide to identify opportunities and challenges, with a focus on stem cells. This was designed to be inclusive and consensus outputs reflected the diversity of the global research population. Among issues addressed for supporting research and innovation while protecting patients were ethical assessment; pre-clinical and clinical research; regulatory authorization and medicines access; and engagement with patients, policy makers, and the public. The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) identified options for action for sharing good practice and building collaboration within the scientific community and with other stakeholders worldwide.
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August 2021

Effect of Biomodulina-T® and VA-MENGOC-BC® on lymphocyte subpopulations in older adults.

Exp Gerontol 2021 10 26;153:111497. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Institute of Hematology and Immunology, Immunochemistry-Immunology Department, 19th St, between 8th and 10th St, Vedado, 10400 Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba. Electronic address:

Introduction: The elderly population suffers from the natural process called immunosenescence, which may be related to the high mortality rates it has against the SARS-CoV2 virus, which is why therapies that improve the immune status are required. The combined treatment of the VA-MENGOC-BC® (V-BC) vaccine and the Biomodulina T® (BT) drug could achieve this purpose. This treatment could immunomodulate both the innate and adaptive branches of the immune system simultaneously.

Objective: To determine the effect of BT and V-BC on the immunomodulation of lymphocyte subpopulations in older adults.

Methods: Our study was carried out in 30 apparently healthy Cuban adults over 65 years of age. The study included three groups of 10 subjects per treatment: a combination of both and the monotherapies. Before and 7 days after treatment, 2 mL of peripheral blood was drawn from each subject. Multiparametric flow cytometry was used to identify lymphocyte subpopulations. For the comparison between the groups, point estimates and the confidence intervals of the Odds Ratio were made.

Results: We found that subpopulations of B lymphocytes and natural cytotoxic T (NKT) cells increased only with the administration of BT. Additionally, combination treatments and V-BC did not generate statistically significant immunomodulatory changes in any of the studied lymphocyte subpopulations.

Conclusions: BT presented an immunoenhancing effect on the B and NKT lymphocyte subpopulations of older adults. The three-dose treatment scheme a novel and specific treatment strategy for this formulation. We also were verified that the combined application of V-BC and BT did not have the expected benefits. All these findings suggest that BT administration is a promising approach for immune restoration and to offering protection in elderly patients against COVID-19.
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October 2021

Systemic Ozone Therapy by Rectal Insufflation for Immunoglobulin A Deficiency.

MEDICC Rev 2018 Jan 10;20(1):29. Epub 2018 Feb 10.

National Medical Genetics Center, Havana, Cuba.

Introduction: IgA deficiency is a primary immunodeficiency predominantly due to an antibody defect, for which there is no replacement therapy. Treatment consists of prevention and treatment of infections and other associated conditions. Given the immunomodulatory and regulatory properties of the redox balance of ozone therapy in infectious and inflammatory conditions, evaluation of its effect on IgA deficiency is of interest.

Objective: Assess the benefits and possible adverse effects of ozone treatment in patients with IgA deficiency.

Methods: A monocentric randomized controlled phase 2 clinical trial (RPCEC 00000236) was carried out, after approval by the Institutional Ethics Committee of the Roberto Rodríguez Fernández Provincial General Teaching Hospital in Morón, Ciego de Ávila Province, Cuba. Included were 40 patients aged 5-50 years, distributed in 2 groups of 20, after agreeing to participate and signing informed consent. The experimental group received 2 cycles of ozone by rectal insufflation for 20 days (5 times a week for 4 weeks each cycle) with a 3-month interval between cycles, for a total of 40 doses, with age-adjusted dose ranges. The control group was treated with leukocyte transfer factor (Hebertrans), 1 U per m of body surface area subcutaneously, once weekly for 12 weeks. Frequency of appearance and severity of clinical symptoms and signs of associated diseases, serum immunoglobulin concentrations and balance of pro-oxidant and antioxidant biomarkers were recorded at treatment initiation and one month after treatment completion. Therapeutic response was defined as complete, partial, stable disease or progressive disease. Descriptive statistics and significance were calculated to compare groups and assess effect size.

Results: One month after treatment completion, 70% of patients in the experimental group experienced significant increases in IgG(p = 0.000) and IgM (p = 0.033). The experimental group also displayed decreased pro-oxidation biomarkers, glutathione modulation and increased antioxidant enzymes, with reduced oxidative stress; none of these occurred in the control group. Complete therapeutic response was achieved in 85% of patients in the experimental group and only 45% in the control group. Mild, transient adverse events were reported in both groups.

Conclusions: Ozone therapy by rectal insufflation is a suitable therapeutic option for treating IgA deficiency because it produces antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects and is feasible, safe and minimally invasive.

Contribution Of This Research: This paper introduces in Cuba a new treatment a for IgA deficiency, with immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects offering substantial clinical benefits to patients with this immunodeficiency.
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January 2018

Autologous bone marrow stem cell neurotransplantation in stroke patients. An open study.

Restor Neurol Neurosci 2009 ;27(3):151-61

Centro Internacional de Restauración Neurológica, Habana, Cuba.

Purpose: Bone marrow stem cells (BMSC) were transplanted into the perilesional area in five patients bearing sequels of stroke, to evaluate the safety of the procedure and tolerance to the transplanted cells.

Methods: Cells were obtained from bone marrow samples taken from the same patient and stereotactically implanted into the targets, determined using a combination of images, and trans-operative recording of multiunit activity. The cells were implanted in several points along tracts in the perilesional region.

Results: No important adverse events derived from surgery or transplant were observed during the one year follow-up period, or detected using a combination of tests and functional measurements applied pre- and post-surgically. In contrast, some improvements were observed regarding the neurological condition of the patients, but the small number of patients in the study does not allow any conclusive statement.

Conclusions: Our results demonstrate that BMSC can be safely transplanted into the brain of patients, with excellent tolerance and without complications, using the methods described here.
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August 2009