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Assessing the potential impact of age and inhalant use on sleep in adolescents.

J Clin Sleep Med 2021 May 24. Epub 2021 May 24.

Pulmonary Critical Care Section, Veterans Affairs (VA) San Diego Healthcare System, La Jolla, CA 92161.

Study Objectives: Targeted marketing has caused a recent surge in teen e-cigarette usage. In all-age surveys, we isolated adolescent data (13-20 years) to assess age alongside e-cigarettes, traditional tobacco, and dual usage of both with sleep quality and cough. Based on existing adult literature, we hypothesized an association between dual usage and increased sleep latency.

Methods: Participants were recruited to complete surveys via social media sites. We performed three surveys: Survey 1 (n=47) in 2018, Survey 2 (n=1198) in 2019, Survey 3 (n=564) in 2020. Surveys 1 and 2 had three sections: past and current inhalant use, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), and Leicester Cough Questionnaire (LCQ). Survey 3 did not include the LCQ, instead the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9). The adolescent data were isolated (n=609).

Results: Adolescents reported longer sleep duration with increasing age by one-way ANOVA. By Tukey's multiple comparisons test, females slept more at ages 19 and 20 than at age 14 (p<0.01). Female dual users slept more than nonsmokers, (p=0.01; mean difference 43.8 minutes; CI=0.11 to 1.36). We observed an association between dual use and sleep latency versus nonsmokers (p=0.0008; mean difference 6.27 minutes; CI=1.40 to 11.13). We saw no correlation between inhalant use and cough.

Conclusions: In females, we observed a peak in sleep hours at age 19. College-aged females may wake later than younger adolescent females. The data also raised concern for sleep disruption and nicotine-induced wakefulness. Further data are required in order to define public health strategies.
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