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The Jurassic magmatism of the Demerara Plateau (offshore French Guiana) as a remnant of the Sierra Leone hotspot during the Atlantic rifting.

Sci Rep 2020 05 4;10(1):7486. Epub 2020 May 4.

Anton de Kom University of Suriname, Paramaribo, SA, Suriname.

We report the discovery of 173.4 Ma hotspot-related magmatic rocks in the basement of the Demerara Plateau, offshore French Guiana and Suriname. According to plate reconstructions, a single hotspot may be responsible for the magmatic formation of (1) both the Demerara Plateau (between 180 and 170 Ma) and the Guinea Plateau (circa 165 Ma) during the end of the Jurassic rifting of the Central Atlantic; (2) both Sierra Leone and Ceara Rises (mainly from 76 to 68 Ma) during the upper Cretaceous oceanic spreading of the Equatorial Atlantic ocean; (3) the Bathymetrists seamount chain since the upper Cretaceous. The present-day location of the inferred Sierra Leone hotspot should be 100 km west of the Knipovich Seamount.
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May 2020