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Prediction of Isoelectric Point of Manganese and Cobalt Lamellar Oxides: Application to Controlled Synthesis of Mixed Oxides.

Langmuir 2018 06 30;34(23):6670-6677. Epub 2018 May 30.

Chimie-ParisTech, PSL Research University, CNRS Institut de Recherche de Chimie-Paris (IRCP) , 75005 Paris , France.

To design novel layered materials, bottom-up strategy is very promising. It consists of (1) synthesizing various layered oxides, (2) exfoliating them, then (3) restacking them in a controlled way. The last step is based on electrostatic interactions between different layered oxides and is difficult to control. The aim of this study is to facilitate this step by predicting the isoelectric point (IEP) of exfoliated materials. The Multisite Complexation model (MUSIC) was used for this objective and was shown to be able to predict IEP from the mean oxidation state of the metal in the (hydr)oxides, as the main parameter. Moreover, the effect of exfoliation on IEP has also been calculated. Starting from platelets with a high basal surface area over total surface area, we show that the exfoliation process has no impact on calculated IEP value, as verified with experiments. Moreover, the restacked materials containing different monometallic (hydr)oxide layers also have an IEP consistent with values calculated with the model. This study proves that MUSIC model is a useful tool to predict IEP of various complex metal oxides and hydroxides.
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