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Prediction of possible sites for posttranslational modifications in human gamma crystallins: effect of glycation on the structure of human gamma-B-crystallin as analyzed by molecular modeling.

Proteins 2003 Nov;53(2):162-73

H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, International Center for Chemical Sciences, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan.

Crystallins are recognized as one of the long-lived proteins of lens tissue that might serve as the target for several posttranslational modifications leading to cataract development. We have studied several such sites present in the human gamma-crystallins based either on PROSITE pattern search results or earlier experimental evidences. Their probabilities were examined on the basis of the database analysis of the gamma-crystallin sequences and on their specific locations in the constructed homology models. An N-glycosylation site in human gammaD-crystallin and several phosphorylation sites in all four human gamma-crystallins were predicted by the PROSITE search. Some of these sites were found to be strongly conserved in the gamma-crystallin sequences from different sources. An extensive analysis of these sites was performed to predict their probabilities as potential sites for protein modifications. Glycation studies were performed separately by attaching sugars to the human gammaB-crystallin model, and the effect of binding was analyzed. The studies showed that the major effect of alphaD-glucose (alphaD-G) and alphaD-glucose-6-phosphate (alphaD-G6P) binding was the disruption of charges not only at the surface but also within the molecule. Only a minor alteration in the distances of sulfhydryl groups of cysteines and on their positions in the three-dimensional models were observed, leading us to assume that glycation alone is not responsible for intra- and intermolecular disulfide bond formation.
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November 2003