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Speculation of a Modified Exponential Series, based on the Molar Masses of Hydrogen and Deuterium, which Approximately Represents Certain Chemical-Biologically Active Elements and/or Their Isotopes: Towards an Inter-Baryonic Chemical-Biologically Active Sequence (IBCBAS) of Real and/or Imaginary Elements

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.11022.00325

The most puzzling fact in theoretical chemistry is that atomic numbers are not unanimously or systematically defined in the sense that Hydrogen’s position in the periodic table is both debated and unique. Chemistry has exceptions, but definitions of quantities cannot be left to the ambience of uniqueness, that also selectively. Evil of approximation and errors, sometimes, appears to be less serious than the problem of having no all-agreeable definitions. This kind of issues has be particularly preponderant with Hydrogen's position in the periodic table. Apart from Hydrogen, several elements including Oxygen, Carbon, etc. have been subjected of debate. However, in an example of alternative biochemistry, elements like Silicon may replace Carbon; and Ammonia may replace water. It is generally believed that elements with relatively strong catenation properties may give rise to biochemical systems (that may also metamorphose into alien life forms). In our postulate, we assume that elements, which show weak catenation properties (or weakly support catenation, covalent bonding, etc. with other elements), may give rise to alternative biochemistry in non-baryonic environments. In other words, life may be possible in environments like those involving black holes, dark matter, etc., where catenation may unexpectedly be exhibited by otherwise chemical-biologically inert, incomprehensible atomic forms. For instance, an element similar or symmetrical to Selenium may behave like Carbon inside the setting of a non-baryonic environment.

In this research, it is further found that values of atomic (or isotopic) masses of Hydrogen, Hydrogen-2, Helium-5 (or Lithium-5), Oxygen, and Selenium-76 are actually members of a modified exponential series. From the 5th term and onwards, member-numbers of this series approximately correspond to different orders and values of the molar masses of various chemical-biologically active molecules as well.

For more details, please follow the URL: Inter-Baryonic Chemical-Biologically Active Sequence

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February 2019
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A Proposed Psychophysical Exercise and Treatment Regimen for Epilepsy: Epilepsy Treatment by Therapeutic Aromatic Penetration and Olfactory Intervention (ETTAPOI)

Arghya Ray

Epilepsy is basically a disease of brain. There are certain varieties of this disease. Treatment of the disease is mainly based on chemotherapeutic interventions. Usage of artificially manufactured medicines and stimulators may create chronic to severe problems in a patients at a later stage. In fact, every allopathic medicine is known to have at least some minimal side effects that can harm the well being of a patient in the long run. This work is aimed at providing the patients of epilepsy with an alternative treatment regimen. It would involve natural medicines instead of the allopathic ones. Minimal usage of chemicals is advocated, and the mode of proposed intervention is essentially non invasive. For the main body of the text, please visit the following link: ETTAPOI

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January 2016
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An Investigation into How a Student with ASD Could Use Media as a Way to Inform Others about How This Affects His Life

The essay describes the case of an ASD affected child and his special education needs. It deals with the topic that how can he use IT tools to describe his feelings to others. Also, the essay focuses on the special education need activities that are being carried out in his school. The references are from reliable scholarly sources.

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February 2011
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