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[Aneurysmal disease - a multifocal pathology with regard to a clinical case.]

Rev Port Cir Cardiotorac Vasc 2018 Jul-Dec;25(3-4):141-144

Serviço de Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular, Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Coimbra, Portugal.

Introduction: True para-anastomotic aneurysms are a rare complication of arterial surgery.

Objective: This paper aims to describe the clinical case of a 73 years-old patient, with history of a left above-the- -knee amputation due to an occluded popliteal aneurysm, admitted for surgical treatment of a contralateral popliteal aneurysm.

Results: A bypass between the right distal superficial femoral artery (SFA) and the distal popliteal artery was performed using autologous vein. Two years after the index surgery, aneurysmatic degeneration of the native artery was found on ultrasound, with 1.7 cm at the proximal anastomosis, and 1.4 cm distally. We kept surveillance, however, 12 years after surgery, he had a proximal true para-anastomotic aneurysm of the SFA with 4.8 cm. So, resection with interposition of a prosthetic graft between the native artery and the venous conduit of the previous bypass was performed. At this time the popliteal artery at the distal anastomosis had, approximately, 1.8 cm, so we chose to remain vigilant. Seventeen years after surgery, it measured 3.2 cm, in computed tomographic angiography. Therefore, total aneurysmectomy was performed and, due to redundancy of the previous bypass venous conduit caused by progressive dilation restricted to the distal popliteal artery, we did a termino-terminal reanastomosis to the normal sized popliteal artery. After 20 months, he is asymptomatic, with distal pulses present, without clinical nor radiological signs of aneurysmal degeneration.

Discussion And Conclusion: This work aims to highlight the relevance of the follow up, not only on a clinical basis but also radiological, since we are dealing with a diffuse pathology that can appear in any arterial segment without symptoms.
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July 2019

[Alberto Vilar Pereira de Queirós].

Rev Port Cir Cardiotorac Vasc 2011 Jul-Sep;18(3):185-6

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June 2015