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Synthesis, X-ray and neutron diffraction characterization, and ionic conduction properties of a new oxothiomolybdate Li3[Mo8S8O8(OH)8[HWO5(H2O)]] x 18H2O.

Chemistry 2002 Jan;8(2):349-56

Institut Lavoisier, IREM, UMR 8637, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin, Versailles, France.

The new oxothiomolybdate anion [Mo8S8O8(OH)8[HWO5(H2O)]]3- (denoted HMo8W3-) has been synthesized in aqueous solution by an acido-basic condensation reaction. Four (Mo(V)2S2O2) building blocks are connected through hydroxo bridges around a central [W(VI)O6] octahedron. X-ray and neutron diffraction studies have been performed on single crystals of the lithium salt Li3[Mo8S8O8(OH)8[HWO5(H2O)]] x 18H2O (Li3HMo8W x 18H2O) in an aqueous grown from HMo8W3- solution of LiCl (1 M). The neutron diffraction experiment enabled us to locate both the protons and the lithium ions. In the structure of Li3HMo8W x 18H20, ring-shaped anions interleaved by a cluster of disordered hydrogen-bonded water molecules stack on top of each other along lithium pillars. The lithium columns are formed by alternating edge-sharing octahedra and tetrahedra, with one lithium site in four being totally vacant. Ionic conductivity measurements on pressed pellets have shown that Li3HMo8W x 18H2O is a good ionic conductor at room temperature (sigma = 10(-5) S cm(-1)), but the ionic conductivity on single crystals is smaller by two orders of magnitude and is isotropic; this suggests the main path of conduction involves surface protons rather than lithium ions of the bulk.
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January 2002