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Duramycin radiosensitization of MCA-RH 7777 hepatoma cells through the elevation of reactive oxygen species.

J Cancer Res Ther 2021 Apr-Jun;17(2):543-546

Department of Radiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Objective: The objective of this study is to explore the radiosensitization effects of duramycin against the liver cancer hepatoma cells and relationship to reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation.

Materials And Methods: MCA-RH 7777 cells were treated with various combinations of duramycin concentrations and radiation doses. After the treatment, cell viabilities were determined by a cell proliferation assay; intracellular ROS levels were detected with the flow cytometric method.

Results: MCA-RH 7777 cell viability was found significantly reduced after combining duramycin and radiation exposure (comparing to that of either treatment alone). Increased intracellular ROS levels were observed in cells treated with combinations of duramycin and radiation.

Conclusion: Duramycin increased the intracellular ROS generation and also increased the radiosensitivity of MCA-RH 7777 cells.
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