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Development and validation of the sleep assessment instrument for older adults with pain.

Arq Neuropsiquiatr 2021 10;79(10):904-911

Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Departamento de Geriatria e Gerontologia, Serviço de Doenças Musculoesquelentas, São Paulo SP, Brazil.

Background: The co-occurrence of chronic pain and sleep disturbance contribute to a significant functional and social impact in older adults. However, there are no validated instruments to measure sleep disturbance and pain in this population that could be used to screen or diagnose individuals or monitor treatment effectiveness.

Objective: Our aim was to develop and validate a brief, practical, and comprehensive tool to assess the impact of co-occurring pain and sleep disturbance in older adults.

Methods: Development and validation of a measurement tool for assessing pain and sleep in older adults consisting of seven items.

Results: We applied the "Sleep Assessment Instrument for Pain in older adults" (SAIOAP) in a sample of 100 older individuals. A Cronbach's alpha of 0.602 indicated a moderate level of reliability, and item-total correlations of ≥0.4 for all items indicated good homogeneity. There were statistically significant correlations between the SAIOAP and sleep quality (PSQI, r=61.5), pain intensity (VNS, r=30.5), the multidimensional impacts of pain (GPM, r=40.5), depression (GEAP, r=45.5), comorbidity (r=27.9), and medication use (r=30.4). A ROC curve indicated a sensitivity of 73.2% and a specificity of 79.1% in relation to the prediction of sleep disturbances associated with pain in older adults.

Conclusions: The SAIOAP presented adequate metric properties and was demonstrated to be a simple and practical tool for the assessment of the impact of pain on sleep in older adults.
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