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Correlated conformational fluctuations during enzymatic catalysis: Implications for catalytic rate enhancement.

Protein Sci 2001 Jul;10(7):1319-30

The College of William and Mary, Department of Chemistry, Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795, USA.

Correlated enzymatic conformational fluctuations are shown to contribute to the rate of enhancement achieved during catalysis. Cytidine deaminase serves as a model system. Crystallographic temperature factor data for this enzyme complexed with substrate analog, transition-state analog, and product are available, thereby establishing a measure of atomic scale conformational fluctuations along the (approximate) reaction coordinate. First, a neural network-based algorithm is used to visualize the decreased conformational fluctuations at the transition state. Second, a dynamic diffusion equation along the reaction coordinate is solved and shows that the flux velocity through the associated enzymatic conformation space is greatest at the transition state. These results suggest (1) that there are both dynamic and energetic restrictions to conformational fluctuations at the transition state, (2) that enzymatic catalysis occurs on a fluctuating potential energy surface, and (3) a form for the potential energy. The Michaelis-Menten equations are modified to describe catalysis on this fluctuating potential energy profile, leading to enhanced catalytic rates when fluctuations along the reaction coordinate are appropriately correlated. This represents a dynamic tuning of the enzyme for maximally effective transformation of the ES complex into EP.
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July 2001