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Symbols of Hope on Pediatric Oncology Ward: Children's Perspective Using Photovoice.

J Pediatr Oncol Nurs 2021 Nov-Dec;38(6):385-398. Epub 2021 Sep 20.

School of Nursing, 70439University of British Colombia, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 2B5.

Hope nurtures confidence and enhances positivity. It is known to be a critical factor in illness, recovery and healing. This study aimed to identify the views of hospitalized children with cancer about the circumstances and factors that create hope for them in the oncology ward. This qualitative study explored children's experiences using Photovoice, which is an arts-based approach. Twenty children aged 6-12 years diagnosed with various cancers at a Pediatric Hospital in Tehran, Iran, participated in this study. Participants were requested to take photographs of objects, circumstances, or anything that gave them hope or represented a sign of hope in the oncology ward. The photographs were then used to facilitate face-to-face interviews with these children. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis. Data analysis revealed six main themes: emotional connectedness with nursing staff; the playroom as a means to soften the hospital space; the presence of a parent; symbols of recovery; a touch of nature in the hospital setting; and escaping the hospital cage. Hopefulness among children can emanate from diverse events and circumstances within the hospital environment. Nurses and physicians need an understanding of children's perspectives to design interventions to improve hopefulness among hospitalized children with cancer.
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September 2021

Children's description of pain through drawings and dialogs: A concept analysis.

Nurs Open 2019 Apr 14;6(2):301-312. Epub 2018 Oct 14.

School of Nursing & Midwifery Tehran University of Medical Sciences Tehran Iran.

Aim: To present a concept analysis of pain in children's drawings and dialogs.

Introduction: The complexity and subjectivity of the concept of pain in children remain ambiguous. As a result, children are exposed to inappropriate diagnosis and inadequate treatment. Children can describe or draw their painful experiences. Analysing the concept of pain based on children's experiences can help identify, assess and properly manage and treat pain in children.

Design: Concept analysis.

Methods: Walker and Avant's framework for concept analysis was used in this current study.

Results: Major aspects of pain revealed in this concept analysis are affected by children's different concerns about pain. The description of pain in children with chronic diseases or chronic pain is completely different from that in healthy children. Children perceive pain to be internal, external and emotional. Pain in children is associated with poor psychological and emotional conditions, which add new features and aspects to the concept of pain. Children's descriptions and drawings of pain indicate different concepts of pain in their minds. From the perspective of children, pain has an identity that is formed based on reality.

Conclusion: When developing pain evaluation tools, it is necessary to address the characteristics of pain. In the case of chronic pain, emotional effects of pain on children's psyche need extra attention. Child-based pain management guidelines can then be formulated with the results of relevant concept analyses. Pain assessment is a major part of pain management in children. By considering the characteristics of the concept of pain, the efficiency and usefulness of developed tools can be enhanced to create advancement in paediatric pain management.
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April 2019

Inhibition and structural changes of liver alkaline phosphatase by tramadol.

Drug Metab Lett 2014 ;8(2):129-34

BioResearch Lab, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University,G.C. Iran.

Tramadol is a potent analgesic drug which interacts with mu-opioid and has low effect on other opioid receptors. Unlike other opioids, it has no clinically significant effect on respiratory or cardiovascular parameters. Alakaline phosphatase is a hydrolase enzyme that prefers alkaline condition and removes phosphate group from different substrates. In this study, the interaction between tramadol and calf liver alkaline phosphatase was investigated. The results showed that tramadol can bind to alakaline phosphatase and inhibit the enzyme in an un-competitive manner. Ki and IC50 values of tramadol were determined as about 91 and 92 μM, respectively. After enzyme purification, structural changes on alakaline phosphatase-drug interaction were studied by circular dichroism and fluorescence measurement. These data revealed the alteration in the content of secondary structures and also conformational changes in enzyme occurred when the drug bound to enzyme-substrate complex.
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October 2015