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Novel biologically synthesized metal nanopowder from wastewater for dye removal application.

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 2022 May 26;29(25):38478-38492. Epub 2022 Jan 26.

Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati, 781039, Assam, India.

A novel adsorbent based on metal sulfide nanoparticles (MeSNPs) was biologically synthesized from metallic wastewater and examined for azo dyes removal from aqueous solution in batch and continuous systems. The size of the MeSNPs was in the range of 8-10 nm, with an average specific surface area of 120.4 m/g. Batch adsorption study was then carried out using Direct Red 80 (DR 80) and Mordant Blue 9 (MB 9) as the model azo dyes by varying MeSNPs dosage, contact time, pH, and initial dye concentration. More than 99% removal efficiency of both the dyes was achieved by using MeSNPs at the following optimum conditions: 200 mg dosage, pH 2, 6 min contact time, and 100 mg L initial dye concentration. The batch sorption isotherm results were described using the Sips model, with the maximum predicted capacity values of 143.7 and 198.3 mg of dye per gram of adsorbent for DR 80 and MB 9, respectively. Besides, the sorption kinetic data for both the dyes followed the pseudo-second-order rate. Furthermore, maximum desorption efficiency values of 93% for DR 80 and 97% for MB 9 were achieved using an aqueous solution of pH 12, thus indicating that the adsorbent can be regenerated and reused further. Dynamic adsorption of the dyes was studied using a fixed-bed column with the MeSNPs as a function of liquid flow rates. The results showed an increase in breakthrough time with a decline in the flow rates for both DR 80 and MB 9 and the breakthrough behavior was explained using Thomas, Clark, and Yoon-Nelson models.
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